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Meet Suzanne Otto, a Dental Hygienist who has been helping people with their teeth since March 2010 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She works at two places – the 14th Avenue Kenosha Clinic and the Pillar Health Clinic. Suzanne started her journey in dental care way back in 1993, and she loves helping everyone have great teeth.

Suzanne helps you and your family keep your teeth healthy. She can do regular teeth cleanings and take care of your gums if they need special care. She’s very good at making sure everyone gets just what they need for their own smiles.

Suzanne thinks everyone is special and has different needs for their teeth. She listens to what you need and works with you to make your teeth as healthy as they can be. Plus, she makes going to the dentist fun with her friendly way and even makes you laugh!

Do you want to have great teeth too? It’s easy! Just call (262) 656-0044 to make an appointment. Suzanne and her team are ready to help you and your family have the best and brightest smiles possible. Taking care of your teeth is super important, and with Suzanne, it’s easy and fun. So, call today and get ready for a great smile!

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Kenosha Community Health Center has many appointment options in Kenosha and Silver Lake to meet your needs.

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