Conditions and Risks We Treat:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Heart Arrhythmias
  • Heart Palpitations
  • High Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Syncope
  • Uncontrolled Hypertension
  • Valvular Heart Disease

Preventive Cardiology Services:

Located at our Washington Road location in Kenosha, Pillar Health/Kenosha Community Health Center is proud to offer specialized Preventive Cardiology Services led by Dr. Tim Sanborn, MD, MS. Our program is designed to help patients in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth counties reduce their risk of heart disease and prevent cardiovascular events.

The Preventive Cardiology program addresses a range of conditions that can lead to heart disease, including:

  • Coronary Artery Disease: Symptoms include chest pain and shortness of breath.
  • High Cholesterol and Triglycerides: Excess fat circulating in the bloodstream.
  • Uncontrolled Hypertension: Persistently high blood pressure.
  • Obesity: A major risk factor for heart disease.
  • Smoking: Known to significantly increase heart disease risk.
  • Heart Arrhythmias: Irregular or skipped heartbeats.
  • Heart Palpitations: Noticeable heartbeats that can feel like fluttering.
  • Syncope: Episodes of lightheadedness and dizziness.
  • Valvular Heart Disease: Conditions causing heart murmurs and impacting valve function.

Our goal is to make significant strides in preventing heart disease and improving the lives of our patients. With our comprehensive approach to cardiovascular health, we aim to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to maintain a healthy heart and lifestyle.

Location Offering Preventive Cardiology Services:

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