At KCHC/Pillar Health, our dedication lies in ensuring patients have access to the necessary medications, affordably and conveniently. As a 340B approved health center, we are positioned to obtain medications at a lower cost, allowing us to extend these savings to our patients. Our services include easy prescription refills, either by phone or online via MyChart, coupled with thorough education about medication usage. Additionally, we have established partnerships with several local pharmacies, such as Walgreens, CVS, Good Value Pharmacy, Genoa Pharmacy, and Walmart, to streamline the prescription distribution process.

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Pharmacy Support Services We Offer:

  • Facilitating prescription refills, either by telephone or online with MyChart
  • Offering comprehensive patient education on medication usage and management
  • Providing affordable medications through partnerships with local pharmacies
  • Utilizing our status as a 340B approved health center to purchase drugs at discounted prices, passing savings along to all patients

Local pharmacies we collaborate with:

  • CVS
  • Genoa pharmacy
  • Good value pharmacy
  • Walgreens (kenosha and paddock lake)
  • Walmart
Medicaid/BadgerCare Re-Enrollment Information and Free Consultations

Making Healthcare Affordable

We are committed to provide you with affordable healthcare services and will not discriminate based on your ability to pay.

We accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and many private commercial and Market Place insurance plans.

If you do not have insurance, do not be discouraged. Like many of our patients, you may instead qualify to receive care from a provider for as little as $30 by using our Sliding Fee Discount Program.

Do not wait to schedule your appointment.

Kenosha Community Health Center has many appointment options in Kenosha and Silver Lake to meet your needs.