Psychotherapy Services We Offer:

  • Assistance with coping strategies for stressful life events / trauma / medical illness / loss
  • Individual, couples, and group therapy sessions
  • Treatments for a wide array of mental health conditions and emotional challenges

Empower Your Healing Journey with Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a powerful tool that aids individuals facing a variety of mental health conditions and emotional challenges. The goals you set in psychotherapy will be unique based on your current concerns, but may include improvement in functioning in many areas, including: work, home, school, and/or relationships and working towards alleviation of symptoms.

Depending on the clinical situation, various types of psychotherapy may be employed, sometimes in combination with medication or other therapies. Our team of psychotherapy providers may include independently licensed providers, providers working towards independent licensure, and masters level interns.

Our psychotherapy team provides both individual and group therapy sessions grounded in a variety of evidence-based treatments. Our providers generally serve patients ages 15 and up.

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