Medical Care Services

Our Medical Services are here to keep your family healthy and thriving. We provide family planning, telemedicine, lab services, pediatric care, preventive screenings, and primary care. Plus, we offer immunizations for all ages. We are committed to supporting your health every step of the way!

Dental Care Services

The health of your teeth and gums often reflects your overall health. Certain dental issues might indicate problems in other areas of your body. Dentists are skilled at spotting these issues and can recommend the right treatment or specialist when necessary.

Our team of dental professionals serve both children and adults, offering preventive care, treatment for dental issues, and education about oral health. Their main goal is to assist people in achieving and maintaining a healthy smile, which includes strong teeth and healthy gums.

Behavioral Health Care

Life can be tricky, with worries or stress making things tough at home or school. It is important for your body to be healthy and your mind to be happy. Our doctors and mental health experts work together to help you feel your best. If you are thinking about medicine or talking to a counselor, reach out to us. You can also ask your regular doctor for help in setting up the appointment.

Pharmacy Support Services

We are committed to ensuring that our patients have access to necessary medications in an affordable and convenient manner. To achieve this, we are a 340B approved health center, enabling us to secure medications at reduced costs and pass these savings directly onto our patients. We facilitate prescription refills via phone or online using MyChart, and provide comprehensive patient education on medication usage. We have also partnered with multiple local pharmacies, including Walgreens, CVS, Good Value Pharmacy, Genoa Pharmacy, and Walmart, for the distribution of prescriptions.

Mobile Care Services

We believe that everyone, no matter where they live or work, should be able to get good healthcare. That is why we initiated a program for Mobile Medical Services. We bring important health services right to you. These include quick medical tests, giving out seasonal shots, health check-ups, and teaching about health topics. Our goal is to bring helpful health services to the center of our communities, meeting you wherever you are.

Pillar Navigation Services

Navigating the intricacies of the healthcare system can be a challenging endeavor. Pillar Navigators are a dedicated team of Patient Care Advocates and Case Managers who are here to guide you through the maze. Whether it is understanding the mechanics of the healthcare system, dealing with commercial insurance, Medicaid redetermination, enrollment and re-enrollment, Medicare registration, or exploring the Health Insurance Marketplace (, we are here to help you. In addition, we are eager to connect you with local assistance programs to ensure your social health and financial well-being are both supported.