Our general dentists are able to provide the following services for children:

  • Examinations, including interpreting x-rays and diagnosis of oral health conditions
  • Teeth cleaning (prophylaxis)
  • Sealants
  • Fixing broken teeth
  • Fillings (cavities)
  • Extractions (teeth removal)

Promoting Lifelong Oral Health: General Dentistry for Children

It is important for children to get regular dental exams and cleanings beginning at a young age in order to develop good dental hygiene as a life-long healthy habit.

If your child plays sports, protect your child’s teeth by fitting them with a custom-made mouthguard at your dentist’s office.

By placing a strong emphasis on oral health and hygiene, general dentists help kids and adults avoid the progression of oral diseases. If left untreated, these can eventually result in pain, lost time at work or school, add costs, and may impact mental health.

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