Pillar | KCHC Health Board of Directors

New Board Officers March 2024-March 2025:

Anita Johnson
Board President
Anita Johnson Web

Company: AbbVie

Title: Director, US Research Operations – Neuroscience, Value & Evidence, Medical Affairs

Joined the Board:  2020

Board Officer Position(s):  President-4/2024-3/2025; Vice President- 3/2021-3/2024

Reason for Volunteering:  “I’m driven by a passion for health equity and a commitment to ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to our community’s most underserved populations.   I value community service because it allows me to use my knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on the community that helped make me who I am – it allows me to give back!”

Kathleen Woeste, RN
Board Vice President
Kathleen Woeste Web

Company: Naphcare

Title:  Health Service Administrator

Joined the Board:  2020

Board Officer Position(s):  Vice President-4/2024-3/2025

Reason for Volunteering:  “It has been a privilege to support the amazing work KCHC is doing.  I am passionate about health care and my community, and being on the Board has allowed me to merge those two passions together.  Volunteering for the Board is a small way I can give back to my community and be a part of its improved health.”

David Geertsen, CPA, CGMA
Board Treasurer
Dave Geertsen Web

Company:  County Board

Title: Board Supervisor (Retired)

Joined the Board:  2023

Board Officer Position(s):  Treasurer-3/2023-3/2025

Reason for Volunteering: “Great access to all for health care is critically important in Kenosha.  I would like to help meet this need.” 

Erin Ginn
Board Secretary
Erin Ginn Web

Company:  Herzing University

Title:   Sr. Director of Admissions, Midwest Region 

Joined the Board: 2021

Board Officer Position(s):  Secretary-4/2024-3/2024

Reason for Volunteering: “I would love the opportunity to be a part of a different segment that gives back and affects our community.  I think it is extremely important to know as many aspects of our community as possible.” 

New KCHC Board Members:

Katherine Easthon
Board Member
Katie Web

Company:  City of Hope Chicago 

Title:  Director of Operations and Business Development

Joined the Board:  November 2023

Reason for Volunteering:  “I would like to serve my community and continue my personal journey of continuous improvement and learning.  I feel I could contribute to the KCHC board through my extensive operations background which has focused on patient experience”  

Experience:  Expanded access to critical care where patients had no access to oncology care.  Expanded non-oncology service lines at City of Hope based on community need.  

Ronald Tatum
Board Member
Ron Tatum Web

Company:  Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services, Inc. (KAFASI) 

Title:  CEO/Executive Director

Year Joined the Board:  November 2023

Reason for Volunteering:  “I have a passion for servanthood and helping others in the community.  I want to be a part of something that impacts people and their best interest to improve their lives, as well as strengthen the community in which we live.  My role in community services is a direct product of my belief in caring for humanity through doing.”  

Experience:  Executive leader in the non-profit sector for over 20 years. 

Dr. Stephen Neuberger, MD
Board Member
Dr Neuberger Web

Company:  Advocate Medical Group

Title:  Pediatric Cardiologist

Joined the Board:  November 2023

Reason for Volunteering:  “I am fairly new to Pleasant Prairie, and now that I have a foothold in our community and have become more comfortable here, I would like to make a positive contribution.” 

Experience:  Pediatrician for 30 years and in pediatric cardiology for most of that time working in large private and public hospitals and outpatient clinic settings. 

Julia Robinson
Board Member
Julia Robinson Web

Company:  JFK, LLC

Title:  Owner

Joined the Board:  April 2024

Reason for Volunteering:  “I am a strong advocate for people, and I have seen in many areas of my career the importance to access to medical, dental, and behavioral health services.  KCHC is important for the community, and I am hoping to use my expertise/knowledge of both the community and the county’s health Department to promote collaboration and to promote excellent treatment in an efficient manner.”  

Experience:  Alderman for 10 years (including serving KCHC’s 22nd Site location); current President of Kenosha County Board of Health (on the board 5/17-Present), Clinical Director Psychiatric Program in IL; Social Worker at Hines VA Hospital. 

Tony C. Moore, M.S., CSAC, ICS, BC-HSP
Board Member
Tony Moore Web

Title:  Clinical Director/Supervisor   

Joined the Board:  April 2024

Reason for Volunteering: “I believe I could offer a community perspective from a former substance user and a clinical director and business owner.”  

Experience:  Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor, Independent Clinical Supervisor through the Wisconsin Department of Regulations and Licensing.  

Marcus Jackson
Board Member
Jackson Web

Company: Kenosha County Jail

Title: Director of Nursing

Joined the Board: May 2024

Reason for Volunteering: “I’m always looking for an opportunity to give back to the community. I believe my experience in healthcare could be an asset to the community and the Board.”

Experience: I worked as a firefighter/paramedic for 22 years from which I am now retired.  I often volunteer my time teaching first aid and CPR to the community through the African American Club.  

Karla Arzate
Board Member
Avatar Web

Company: Owner of Retail Grocery

Title: Business Owner

Joined the Board: May 2024

Reason for Volunteering: “One of the reasons I would like to be part of the Board is to be a channel to our Hispanic community.  Health services is one of the services our community needs, and I can help inform and communicate the services and resources KCHC offers to our Hispanic Community.”

If you are interested in joining our board, please fill out an application and submit to Jan Sandalow, Executive Assistant.

Email: [email protected]