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Vedrana (Vee) Jovkovic is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a new primary care provider at Pillar Health Clinic in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She’s here to care for people who are 13 years old and older. Vee speaks both English and Serbian, which means she can help and communicate with a broad range of people, including those from eastern Europe.

Ever since she was young, Vee has liked to help people. As a child she used to help her family when they had health problems. This got her interested in healthcare and made her want to become nurse when she grew up. Vee studied hard to learn about nursing at Grandview University in Iowa where she earned her nursing degree. But she didn’t stop there! She continued her studies and received her advanced degree as a Nurse Practitioner from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

What’s really special about Vee is how she takes care of her patients. She doesn’t just give them medicine or check their temperature. Vedrana listens to them and tries to understand each patient and everything about them. This helps her figure out the best way to take care of and teach her patients. She knows that every person is different, so she makes a special plan for each patient to help them get healthy and stay healthy.

Vee believes that talking and listening to her patients is very important. She says that understanding what patients want and need is the key to good health care. She is very good at explaining things in a cheerful way that’s easy to understand. She also likes to learn about new ways to care for her patients.

When people go to see Vee at Pillar Health Clinic, they can expect a provider who really cares about them. She will listen to their stories, understand what they need, and work together with them and challenge them to live a healthy lifestyle. She makes everyone feel comfortable and cared for. Vee’s patients trust her because she always does her best to help them achieve their health goals and feel better.

Vee doesn’t just work at the clinic. She also volunteers her time to help her community. She believes it’s important to help not just her patients but also other people around her.

In her free time, Vee loves to travel and spend time with her family and friends. She believes that having a good balance between work and fun is important for everyone.

Vedrana Jovkovic is more than just a Family Nurse Practitioner. She’s a caring person who is dedicated to making her patients and her community stronger, healthier and happier. Call (262) 656-0044 to make an appointment with her today!

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