COVID-19 | April 7, 2020

Thoughts about COVID-19 can occupy lots of mental space and pull our focus into unhelpful worries and expectations, so we recommend turning your attention:

  • Notice something new. For example, notice the way a family member’s smile wrinkles their eyes, details of a picture on the wall, or sensations of water on your skin during a shower.
  • Connect to nature. Sit in front of a window with a view to trees, pause when outside to feel the sun on your skin, or notice the shifting clouds across the sky.
  • Kindly greet others. Whether from a safe distance in person or via FaceTime, greet others with kind eyes and silently sent them the thought I wish you well.

Disruptions in daily routines can pull our healthy habits off-track, so consider the following ways to help your body:

  • Non-screen time each day. Make time for non-screen time each day by taking time to read a book or magazine, cook a meal or spend some time outside.
  • Move your body. Keeping you body active and moving is essential. Take some time to explore a park or download a workout app. Go to a different room in your house, take a gentle walk outside, or learn a new stretch for each day. Be creative about increasing your heart rate for a few minutes each day.
  • Keep consistent wake times. Use only your bed to sleep in and don’t turn on devices while in bed.
  • Only use bed for sleep. If you use your phone or watch television in bed while awake, your body will learn that bed = brain activity (opposite of sleep). Try your best to be in bed only when it is time to sleep and you are very drowsy.
  • Fuel your body. Fuel your body with essential vitamins, nutrients and plenty of fluids.

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