Tracey Holmes


Registered Nurse

  • Pillar Health Clinic
Languages spoken:
  • English
Ages Served:
  • All Ages

To schedule an appointment, call (262) 656-0044.


Month/Year Started at KCHC:
December 2022

What made you choose a healthcare career?
I was influenced at an early age to pursue a career in healthcare when my grandfather was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. My grandfather’s oncologist and the care provided to him by the oncology team spoke to me on a personal level about the four must-haves in healthcare: compassion, communication, continuity of care, and confidence in finding a way to make positive things happen.

What types of care do you provide, and what sets your care apart?
I provide Care Coordination to newly established patients. This Care Coordination touches every part of their visit: pre-visit, the visit itself, and post-visit follow-up. Attention to detail, my habit of asking exhaustive questions, and quick wit have nurtured a long rewarding nursing career.

What’s your patient care philosophy?
Always, always be proactive -anticipating what could happen next and following that path to achieve a healthy outcome for each patient.

What can patients look forward to when they visit you?
A purposeful visit full of information gathered during my varied 34-year nursing career, clarification of questions asked/testing ordered, fact-finding if need be, and a bright smiling face with an easy laugh!


Board Certifications:
CMSRN Certified Medical Surgical Nurse

  • Intake RN/ Care Coordination

To schedule an appointment, call (262) 656-0044.