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Sometimes, in the Latinx/Hispanic community, people don’t talk much about mental health or needing therapy

It can be hard to ask for help for different reasons, like where people come from or what they’ve been through. But it’s really important to get help if you’re feeling sad, anxious or worried a lot.

There are many Latinx/Hispanic people in the U.S., and each person’s background is unique. It can be tough to find doctors who speak Spanish or understand the culture. Sometimes, people go to regular doctors for mental health problems, but special doctors for mental health called behavioral health providers can help more.

Not everyone has health insurance, which makes it harder to see a doctor. But it’s really important to get help if you’re feeling really sad or having a hard time. You will receive good care at Pillar Health and Kenosha Community Health Center.

Don’t worry about money or insurance. We can chat about what you are able to pay and how we can support you. Just give us a call at (262) 656-0044.

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Codie Vassar

Title: Psychiatrist (MD, MS)

Languages: English, Spanish

Ages Served: 6 and older

About: Codie Vassar chose a healthcare career to help people and had a strong interest in math and science. He provides medication management and psychotherapy, offering a comprehensive and culturally sensitive approach to treatment. His patient care philosophy is collaborative, focusing on shared decision-making and significant psychoeducation. He ensures all treatment decisions are well-understood by patients, offering genuine care for their well-being and success​​.

Mathew McCarthy

Title: Psychiatrist (MD)

Languages: English, Spanish

Ages Served: 18 and older

About: Mathew McCarthy started at KCHC in April 2023. He chose a healthcare career to serve others with compassion, patience, and perseverance. He provides general adult psychiatric evaluation and treatment for a full range of mental health concerns. His goal is to work collaboratively with each patient and family to provide integrated mental health and medical care, including medication management and referral to other mental health services as needed​​.

Javier Luna-Blanco

Title: Psychotherapist (MS, LPC-IT)

Languages: English, Spanish

Ages Served: 15 and older

About: Javier Luna-Blanco started at KCHC in May 2022. He chose a career in mental health care due to a strong desire to help others achieve a healthier version of themselves and to increase the availability of culturally diverse and Spanish-speaking mental health services. He is a bilingual mental health counselor using a dynamic and Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic approach. He offers mental health assessments and counseling for issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, grief/loss, stress management, and more. He believes in promoting his clients’ resiliency and helping them live more effective and meaningful lives

If you or someone you know needs help, you can call (262) 656-0044 to talk to these doctors. And if you want to see how you’re feeling, there are online tests for sadness and worry that you can take. It’s okay to ask for help when you’re not feeling okay. 

Do not wait to schedule your appointment.

Kenosha Community Health Center has many appointment options in Kenosha and Silver Lake to meet your needs.

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