HEALTH AND WELLNESS | January 19, 2021

As COVID19 testing continues to be at the forefront of needs in our community many patients and families are seeking ways to improve health and immunity. Overall, the best way to boost the immune system is by leading a healthy lifestyle which includes the following tips.

  1. Take steps to prevent infection – This includes washing your hands frequently and social distancing.
  2. Exercise 5 times a week for 30-minutes and maintain a healthy weight – The best way to lose weight is with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and limiting processed foods.
  3. Get quality sleep – Set a schedule and routine for sleep that consists of 7-8 hours of sleep at a time.
  4. Reduce stress and develop good coping mechanisms – Include activities in your daily life that help you handle stress from connecting with loved ones to exercise and making time for hobbies.
  5. Quit smoking – If you smoke, you can get support to help you quit at KCHC.
  6. Drink alcohol only in moderation or not at all – Limit the amount of alcohol you keep in the house or limit the number of glasses/bottles you consume.

In addition to this information, there are some supplements that have been thought to be beneficial with regards to COVID-19. These vitamins are available over the counter however we recommend consulting with your primary care provider before starting any supplements.

  1. Vitamin D 1000-3000 IU daily
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Zinc 10
  4. Melatonin
  5. Quercetin

More information can be found at the FLCCC (Front Line COVID Critical Care) Alliance website – I-MASK+ protocol.

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