Jenell Jackley


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & Lactation Consultant

  • Pillar Health Clinic
  • Silver Lake Clinic
Languages spoken:
  • English
Ages Served:
  • Birth to age 18


Jenell Jackley’s focus is on caring for children from birth to age 18, she is committed to supporting families in navigating various aspects of their child’s health and development as well as community resources to assist them. She enjoys discussing a child’s accomplishments during wellness exams and observing children as they engage in playful activities. She understands that unforeseen circumstances can arise, such as illness, injury, or developmental challenges.

Month/Year Started at KCHC:
May 2023

What made you choose a healthcare career?
There’s nothing I love more than watching kids run and play and do “kid things”. But sometimes things don’t go as planned, kids get sick, injured or struggle in meeting developmental milestones or learning. I like empowering families to know when to be concerned, to know they can ask questions, get reassurance or treatment recommendations and understand the critical role they play in the health, safety and development of their child.

What types of care do you provide, and what sets your care apart?
My visits include comprehensive infant and pediatric wellness exams that focus on helping a child grow and develop to their best potential. We will identify concerns together and find community resources when needed that help meet the family’s goals. I also work with new moms and babies that want to breastfeed and provide the support and encouragement needed in developing and maintaining that healthy relationship.

What is your patient care philosophy?
Parents know their children best, and with the support of pediatric specialists guiding and supporting them through different stages of development, wellness, and illness together, we can help children in our community grow, learn, and make safe and healthy choices that will provide them with a lifelong healthy future.

What can patients look forward to when they visit you?
During a family visit they can look forward to having a pediatric specialist listen to their concerns and ask questions about their child’s health without fear of criticism.


Board Certifications

  • PNCB – Pediatric Nursing Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

  • IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant