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Do you live in Kenosha, Racine, or Walworth in Wisconsin? Need someone to look after your teeth?

We’re here for you! We take care of both grown-ups and kids.

What We Do in Kenosha & Silver Lake:
  • Check-ups: We look at your teeth and gums to keep them in top shape.
  • Teeth cleaning: We clean teeth so they shine and stay strong.
  • Gum Care: Your gums matter too! We make sure they’re healthy.
  • Fillings: Got a hole in your tooth? We can fill it for you.
  • Tooth Pulling: Sometimes a tooth is painful and needs to be removed. We can do it carefully.
  • Dentures: If you’re missing some teeth, we have solutions.
  • Quick Help: Got a tooth problem right now? Come right in!
For Children in Kenosha & Silver Lake:
  • Check-ups: We look at your kid’s teeth to make sure they’re good.
  • Teeth cleaning: Even kids need shiny teeth! We can make them sparkle.
  • Sealants: We put on a protective coating to keep their teeth safe from decay.
  • Fixing chipped teeth: Broke a tooth? We can help fix it.
  • Fillings: Kids get cavities too. We handle them with care.
  • Tooth Pulling: If a tooth is painful or causing trouble, we can help out.
Extra Stuff We Do in Kenosha & Silver Lake:
  • Make teeth shine with cleaning
  • Take pictures of your teeth (x-rays)
  • Add a protective coating (sealants)
  • Show you the best way to brush and use floss
  • Take care of gums

Worried about something in your mouth? Or think something’s wrong? Call our dental team at (262) 656-0044. It’s always best to check things early.

Everyone deserves healthy teeth. You will receive good care with us. Don’t worry about money or insurance. We can chat about how you can pay. Just give us a call at (262) 656-0044. We’re here for you!

Do not wait to schedule your appointment.

Kenosha Community Health Center has many appointment options in Kenosha and Silver Lake to meet your needs.

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