Community Health Centers serve as the beacon of strength, service, and care in their communities. In moments of pain and loss, they offer support and love. In moments of triumph, they offer hope and a vision for the future. Let’s come together this week to celebrate the roles Community Health Centers have played in both our recent moments of loss and triumph. This National Health Center Week honors those front line providers, staff, and beloved patients who lost their lives during the (ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic.

From the very beginning of the crisis, Community Health Centers began finding innovative ways to provide preventative and primary care to their patients. During this week of remembrance, light a candle for those community health leaders, patients that we lost. As we commemorate those lives and celebrate the future of Community Health, let’s shine a light across the country that will embody the future of primary health care aces for underserved populations.

Shine a light on Kenosha Community Health Center and share the value that it brings to everyone who it touches.

Health for the Homeless: The Kenosha Community Health Center partners locally with the Shalom Center and Sharing Center in Kenosha County

Collectively, health centers serve 1.3 million individuals experiencing homelessness each year. People who are homeless have high rates of chronic and acute disease, behavioral health conditions, andother needs that make them particularly vulnerable to poor health, disability, and early death.

Due to the nature of homelessness, services are intentionally provided in trauma-informed ways that provide healing, choice, safety, and trust while honoring consumers as partners in care and experts in their own lives. These great organizations can always use help from our community. To learn more visit The Sharing Center or The Shalom Center.

Healthy Habits: Healthy fruits and vegetables are important to a healthy, balanced diet and help you stay healthy

Evidence shows there are significant benefits to getting at least 5 portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. In Kenosha County we are fortunate to have many local markets that provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables and most accept WIC funds. Looking for local farmers markets? Here’s some resources to find them in Kenosha County!

Patient Appreciation Day: We love our patients and they are part of our leadership! Every youth patient that visits us this week will receive a fun surprise

By law, Community Health Center boards must be comprised of at least 51% community members. Community board members are individuals who live in the community served by the health center, are patients, and represent others who are served by the health center in terms of demographics such as race, ethnicity, and gender.

The model works because it ensures that patients represent the needs and voice of the community. Today, we celebrate patients and community board members who keep health centers accountable and abreast of community needs!

Stakeholder Appreciation Day: Partnerships with the City Council, Kenosha County Board and KCHC Board Members allow the Kenosha Community Health Center to focus on our mission!

Our mission is to offer the underserved citizens of Kenosha County comprehensive healthcare which enables patients to maintain their well-being by addressing health disparities and providing access for all. Health centers have a proud tradition of support from both sides of the political aisle.

Bipartisan support continues to be beneficial for advocacy and policy priorities. Earlier this year, Congress passed a bipartisan budget that included $7.8 billion dollars in federal grant funding for the Community Health Center program. Legislative support on both sides is not limited to federal level, state and local support for health centers are also integral to their success.

Health Center Staff Appreciation Day

Kenosha Community Health Center’s success has been thanks to the passion and hard work of many people over the years. We appreciate the support, leadership and dedication of everyone that has been a part of our story. Today we celebrate our dedicated staff and all that they do to serve our patients all year!

Children’s Health Day

More than 8 million children in the United States get their primary health care from a Community Health Center.  Routines are key to keeping healthy. Brushing teeth, washing hands, eating well, and exercising every day help everyone grow and thrive. “Every so often” routines, such as doctor and dentist check ups, ensure that families have the support, information, and care they need to help kids stay well!  This year, we are excited to partner with Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) for Children’s Health Day! Visit for FREE health-focused resources for your center.

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