Behavioral Health

Anna Amari


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Pillar Health Clinic
Languages spoken:
  • English
Ages Served:
  • 15+

To schedule an appointment, call (262) 656-0044.


Month/Year Started at KCHC:
May 2019

What made you choose a healthcare career?
I appreciated the integrated health system that KCHC had in place. The idea that a patient could come to KCHC as a “one-stop shop” for all of their medical, dental, and behavioral health needs was something new and different I have not experienced before.

What types of care do you provide, and what sets your care apart?
I provide outpatient mental health services for adults 15+. My experience as a case manager allows me to not only treat a person’s mental health but also assist with any psychosocial needs a patient may have.

What is your patient care philosophy?
I believe in a person-first approach to therapy, allowing patients to come as they are to sessions. I also believe in equal access to care, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, or financial status.

What can patients look forward to when they visit you?
Patients can expect a safe place to speak without judgment. It is my duty to hold space for patients, to allow them to bring any fear, anxiety, or problem to the session and to work collaboratively to meet their goals.


To schedule an appointment, call (262) 656-0044.