Spotlight: Karen Matteucci

Provider Spotlight: Karen Matteucci

Pillar Health’s Interim Supervisor of Intake, Triage, Care Transitions, and Referrals, Karen Matteucci, is a shining example of dedication and passion for the medical field, having devoted her entire career to improving healthcare.

“I’m passionate about helping people understand their health needs and how to take care of themselves,” shares Matteucci. “Despite how difficult it can be, I always find great joy in serving the underprivileged population and helping them gain access to the resources they need. Serving those who are often overlooked is one of the most rewarding feelings and something that I will never forget.”

Her first and only job as a Nurse’s Aide allowed her to learn about patient care and the medical field. It was there that she discovered her love for nursing.

When it comes to healthcare, Matteucci has a long and varied background. She is the current supervisor for the RNs and Referral Center and has extensive experience in the Medical, Surgical, and Coronary Intensive Care settings. In addition, Matteucci served as a surgeon’s office manager and assistant for 25 years. Following that, she spent 12 years working as a registered nurse doing direct home health care and directing Clinical Services, along with supervising a large medical staff.

This extensive breadth of experience allowed Matteucci to develop the facility’s ER Care Transition program when she initially joined the team in 2001 as an RN Care Transition Coordinator.

Matteucci’s patient care philosophy is built on patients’ empowerment to develop an understanding of their health. “I provide our patients with access to information and resources so that they can become knowledgeable about their condition and make decisions that are best for them. I believe in a mutual partnership between Pillar Health and our patients where we provide guidance and support as needed.”

When patients visit Matteucci, they can always look forward to excellent care. “I want to create a welcoming atmosphere that puts my patients at ease, so they can concentrate on getting the help they need,” she shares. “My goal for every visit is to leave them feeling heard and well cared for — because providing top-notch healthcare truly does start with a warm smile and a helping hand.”

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