KCHC’s medical staff strives to continuously provide medical assistance to the community. Nowhere is this fact more illustrated than in the KCHC Medical Mobile Unit (MMU). The MMU makes care and services accessible to where patients live, work, and play at locations throughout KenoshaRacine, and Walworth Counties.

“The entire MMU team sees anywhere from 5 to 200+ patients a day – it just depends on the day and what we are doing,” states KCHC Physician Associate Cienna Hopkins. “Our team is very dynamic and always changing gears on what is coming up next to keep our community as healthy as it can be.”

According to Hopkins, an ordinary day in the mobile unit is anything but normal. “A typical day… I don’t believe that a typical day and Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) go together in the same sentence. Our team is very flexible. We may be testing for COVID, administering vaccines, performing sports physicals, etc. You name it, and we have probably done it.”

Hopkins, who joined the KCHC team in 2020, has always known she would work in healthcare. “Ever since I was 2 or 3 years old, I would walk around with my play stethoscope and medical bag saying, ‘I am going to be a baby doctor.’”

Dedicated to providing all-inclusive care, Hopkins works hard to make her patients feel comfortable. “I know medicine can be overwhelming and scary, making it much easier to avoid than face head-on. So I am here to help guide you through the medical world.”

“I don’t believe that a typical day and Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) go together in the same sentence.”

The KCHC MMU team has worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to provide the best possible care to the community. Hopkin’s drive and commitment are seen every day by anyone who visits the KCHC MMU. “There may not be a definition of exactly what the MMU does, but having the fluidity to change and adapt to whatever is needed is what makes us unique!”

“If you, your business, and your employer need anything health-related, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always eager to provide new services and care to support our community. The beauty of the Medical Mobile Unit is that we can come to you!”

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